Want to be a beautitican, and give a client a facial?
Well you cant unless you know the skin types and skin conditions of each person, cause everyone is different.Face_Banner_1x


Normal Skin
This type of skin requires continual maintenance to help delay ageing.

Oily Skin
This occurs when the oil glands are influenced by the hormone androgens. They are more active during puberty, and gradually slow down with age.
This type of skin requires deep cleansing, which is necessary to reduce blackheads (comedone) development.

Combination Skin
This skin type can be the most difficult to treat, as it usually consists of an oily t-zone and dry or normal cheek. When treating this type of skin, it is important to not disrupt or irritate the different areas. It can usually be overcome with the use of 2 products, one for each of the different areas of the face.

Dry Skin
This type of skin lacks sebum. It requires regular treatments, to help maintain the sebaceous activity which slows down with age. This type of skin should use products with extreme moisture, to help keep the skin hydrated.



Dehydrated Skin
This skin condition is lacking in water and is only quite temporary if treated correctly. This skin type requires products such as rehydrating masks and steamer treatments. Though can be helped with the increase of water into the system.

Sensitive Skin
This skin condition can be present on any skin type. If the condition is not treated correctly, or helped to be improved, it can result in breaking of the capillaries causing much redness.

Mature Skin
This type of skin condition is not always found on mature people; and can be found in premature ageing. Mostly it is caused due to stress, mediation, environmental factors, dieting and lifestyle choices. Treatments to mature skin aim to improve the skins texture, tone and colour, and to aid muscle strength.

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