This is my personal beauty story. How I came to be, how I started out and where I am looking at heading in the future.

Beauty was always something I had an interest in, but I never knew if it was a path I wanted to peruse. Even to this day, I love and enjoy beauty, but I still don’t know if it’s the path I see myself staying in the future.

Throughout my life, with my families’ values; I was always told that beauty wasn’t a good career, and a career that my family saw as a ‘drop out of school’ career. My family always wanted to be something like a doctor or lawyer.

Though that’s never where I saw myself heading.

Finally I decided to give beauty a go, despite what my family thought, and what everyone else thought.

When the day came that I got my acceptance letter, into a beauty course. I think it was one of the happiest days of my life. I still remember running around the house like a maniac; jumping up and down with so much excitement. I had done other courses before, such as: a Certificate 3 in Hospitality and a Certificate 4 in Tourism, but nothing made me as happy and excited as this.

Though, my family still found ways to put me down, with my father turning around to me and saying “what about your eczema”. I did suffer from eczema quiet badly at this point in my life, but I wasn’t letting anything wreck this moment and upcoming experience for me. So I put the comments aside and went forth in the course.

I began studying a Certificate in Beautification, which was only a short course that was for 6 months. This was perfect for me, as I did not want to cover all areas of beauty, just some specific ones. I had never had an interest in the human body and the theory behind it. I only wanted to begin with a short course to experience what it was like, and see if I enjoyed it, and if it was where I could see myself heading.

The course covered acrylic nails, all types of waxing, facials, and different types of make-up application.

I am so glad I finished off my course; it was the best thing for me. It helped me look at what of beauty I enjoyed and what areas I didn’t. It has helped me think that I would like to continue my studies in beauty, and expand my range of skills.

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